Colored chalk, a crazy-fun couple, and a gorgeous park with old historic buildings? You know we’re all about that! Kathleen and Dan took us for a ride with their fun-loving personalities and their comfort with each other in front of our camera. To date, I can’t remember an engagement session which was this much fun!

We started with some more traditional engagement photos to cover the bases. This is our jam, we do engagement photos all the time so we started with our standard procedure to get them comfortable in front of the camera. But after that short session, they broke out their homemade colored chalk and asked to get messy. We obliged.

A few short moments later, they were both covered in colorful chalk! And then we had one of my favorite portrait sessions of all time. They were comfortable and we were already friends, shooting this one was easy. We ended near some old historic buildings and met back up a few months later for their wedding… which was just as crazy for a completely different reason.

(Hint, there was a tornado…)