If we could have dreamt up our perfect couple and our perfect venue, it would have been almost exactly Kaitlyn & Christian’s wedding at Colin Creek Farm in Mocksville, NC. Our first wedding since moving to NC and we were graced with two of the most down to earth people you could imagine photographing.

As a transition, moving across country was tough. Relocating our business and our entire family turned into a monumental task. I was nervous when we arrived at the venue because I wasn’t sure if weddings were somehow different so far from home. It wasn’t our first wedding outside FL, we’d shot tons all along the Eastern US from NY to GA, but it was notable thanks to our move.

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to photograph their engagement photos at the venue a few months before the wedding itself. This gave us plenty of opportunities to check out the different locations and try out certain shots. I love engagement photos for this reason, it gives us a chance to get comfortable around each other. It’s not always easy to allow photographers into such an intimate moment when you’re not used to it.

Weddings like theirs make me thankful I can do this as a career. I think I speak for both Sadie and I when I say that I can’t wait for more weddings like this in NC!