The Sun Is Setting On Sadie & Kyle

June 14, 2017

If there’s one constant in life… it’s change.

We’re Slowing Things Down

This past year has ushered in huge changes for Sadie and I. Not only did we start a family (actually a year and a half ago), but we upended our entire lives to chase our dreams. We moved out of Florida and near the mountains of North Carolina. It’s something we longed to do for our entire relationship. Though the destination changed, our hearts were set on getting out of our home state and experiencing something new.

After 6 years of shooting together, we decided to put Sadie & Kyle on an indefinite hiatus. I will continue shooting weddings and assignments, but Sadie has made the decision to take a break to take care of our growing family. Don’t worry, we’re still massively in love and doing great – we just decided it’s time to slow things down a little. We will be sure to keep you all posted on our lives.

In Chasing Dreams…

Last September, we left FL for NC. We’ve been rebuilding our lives from the ground up and have made some incredible friends in the process. However, things have changed majorly. For one, bridal shows (which were our bread and butter in FL) proved to be far more saturated and far less fruitful for us. We booked several bridal shows when we first moved, and we were unable to see anywhere near the results we needed to continue doing them. I’m not sure if it’s the loss of our FL following or the sheer number of photographers doing bridal shows in Charlotte, but we decided to stop attending bridal shows completely and invest that money elsewhere.

I also decided to pursue a career in real estate. Some of you may know of ProLocal, my real estate photography business. I spent the past several years shooting residential and commercial real estate and had always considered getting a license for myself. In February, I finally did and passed my exams. I am now pursuing this full-time in an effort to create a more sustainable income, but also as a building block for our professional and financial future. Simply put, I think I can retire more easily from real estate than photography. However, I will continue pursuing both because I don’t believe in putting all my eggs in a single basket.

Moving Forward

I’m not done shooting, that’s for sure. I’m still actively pursuing commercial photography jobs, primarily real estate, but also a lot else. I have big plans for ProLocal still. I’ll be booking weddings, but as a solo operation (Sadie may join me for some and will definitely be shooting the weddings we have currently booked). Two photographers will be an option, but I will be rebuilding my wedding packages and marketing as a solo wedding photographer. I don’t know what marketing for this will look like and will potentially be word of mouth and via this website only.

It’ll be weird, because since 2011 Sadie has been on almost every single wedding with me. She’s created some incredible work. She’s pushed me harder and we’ve both matured personally and artistically so much since we started. I am sure she will still be involved, primarily with editing and album design, but it’s become too burdensome for us both to shoot every wedding. As our family grows, so have our responsibilities and the traveling and long weekends have began to wear on us. We had some fun, but it’s time to move on and put our kids first.

What To Expect

  • Same website, probably different logo.
  • New wedding packages based on one photographer.
  • Hiring a second may not always mean hiring Sadie.
  • Even more slowly-moving blog!
  • Potentially fewer available dates.

For past/current clients

  • Anyone who booked before this announcement whose wedding we haven’t shot yet, still gets us both!
  • Once new packages are developed, an email will go out to upcoming couples offering to change packages if you so desire.
  • URLs for galleries will almost definitely change. Your photos are FINE – just email me if you can’t access them.
  • As per contract, all galleries are to remain online for 2 years, however…
  • I have no plans on taking them offline anytime soon. In fact, I am consolidating proofing sites and because weddings will also be on the same server as our personal and other professional galleries, they’ll likely be available for many years to come.

Any questions?

Of course if you have more questions, shoot me an email. As always, I am an open book. I truly don’t see these new changes as holding us back. I see them as a huge step forward – a chance to slow it down and refocus on my passion for photography. By booking fewer weddings and taking more time to myself, I hope to fall in love again and shoot more things that I am passionate about. With any luck, you won’t be done hearing from me!


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