Stephanie & Tim

October 27, 2016

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As USF almuni, I was intrigued when Stephanie approached and asked to shoot her wedding at the Sarasota USF campus. I graduated in 2009 and I’ve never been a particularly prideful person. I never owned a collection of USF shirts or bumper stickers, but I have a lot of fond memories of that place. During college I made tons of close friends and I miss the times we spent together dearly. Even though I attended USF in Tampa, I knew the satellite campus would somehow still feel like home…

Stephanie and Tim were nothing short of amazing. It was apparent how in love they were, and the four of us hit it off immediately. I particularly loved how Stephanie infused her own culture and upbringing into the wedding. The decor was simple, but elegant – our favorite! Sadie and I also loved the coffee wedding favors in case you couldn’t tell from the photos! But more than any of the wedding-related stuff, I just loved this couple. We’ve stayed in touch online and they now run their own travel blog Circa Wanderlust, which is definitely worth a peek (also, check out all our photos of them on there!). Stephanie has even been featured on the Huffington Post, which is awesome in itself.

Sometimes we connect with couples in a way where we begin to feel like guests, rather than hired help. For me, I’ve always felt this makes for better images. I’m always compelled to make photos when I fall in love. Not necessarily in the romantic sense, but in love with a person, an idea or a couple. It’s inspiring to me and it takes making images from being a mechanical function of my body and brain to being an intimate function of my heart and living in the moment. Stephanie and Tim brought that out in me. I’m not sure if it was their own style or their free, happy go lucky personalities… or both… but this was definitely one of our favorites from last year.

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