What is a first look? First look sessions are becoming increasingly more popular in the wedding industry. While less traditional than the standard "first look moment", they offer an excellent opportunity for candid portraits of the couple on their wedding day. We get a lot of couples who come to us for our ability to make portraits feel natural and unposed, and first looks are a huge advantage for us in this regard. Because it is less traditional, we try not to push them on anyone, we respect your beliefs and are more than comfortable covering your wedding in the way you envision. For those couples who are not familiar with what a first look ... Read the Post
Three years ago when Sadie and I were married, we had a dream. Actually, we had a dream before even that day. Our dream was to leave FL and start our lives again in a new place. We wanted to leave the town we were raised in and experience something new. We wanted to leave some things behind in search for others. However, life has a way of prolonging those plans. It comes and says "not yet". Sometimes it says "not ever". Fortunately for us, the day has finally come! I can't say we weren't happy in FL, because we absolutely were. Even though we're not that into the beach and we found 8 months of summer borderline unbearable, we have so ma ... Read the Post
Wow, Hollis Gardens was an awesome venue! It's a public park, in Lakeland, Florida, but it's an awesome place for a wedding. The grounds are immaculate, and the view is incredible. The Magnolia Building right next door was available for Robin and Matt's wedding, too! Read the Post
It's awesome when we get a great couple who takes us to the perfect location for their engagement session. Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park has a little bit of everything from a boardwalk with an overlook to beautiful beach. There was even a small opening where some people were having a BBQ party which seemed almost dreamy, in the sand tucked back in some sea grape trees. We started off on the overlook, where we could see above all the trees over the entire park, and then followed the boardwalk back through to the beach and ended the session just as the sun was setting. We can't wait to photograph their wedding later this year in Naples. ... Read the Post
We are a little late to the game when it comes to colored chalk engagement sessions, but I think holding out for the right couple proved worthwhile. When we were asked whether or not we'd like to have a little fun with Kathleen and Daniel's engagement session, the first thought that went through my mind was "of course", when they said colored chalk a little girl inside me squealed. I've seen them before and always wanted to shoot an adventurous couple who wanted to try something a little different. My archaeology/history sense began tingling when Kathleen mentioned the Koreshan State Historic Site as a potential location for the session. A ... Read the Post
Living in the same place you grew up allows you some interesting opportunities. Especially when you’re a wedding photographer. This time the bride was someone Kyle has known since childhood. They attended the same schools growing up and their mothers were friends. It was fun to see her grow up and get married to an awesome guy and it was really interesting to see all the old friends and acquaintances who attended the wedding. The ceremony was at McGregor Baptist Church in Ft Myers where they had the biggest receiving line we’d ever seen. Receiving lines are so much fun because they allow us some time to get candid photos of the couple and ... Read the Post
Today's couple got married at the beautiful Boca Bay Pass Club on Boca Grande island. Their wedding was a wonderful rustic beach wedding with an awesome laid back sensibility. The Boca Bay Pass Club always puts out this incredible huge white tent in the field out back, right next to the beach, giving guests a front row seat to the always spectacular Gulf Coast sunset. It's definitely an incredible way to spend an evening. We were fortunate to get to walk the property before the reception to take some more photos while the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour to live steel drum music out on the lush grass overlooking the beach. Once we finished ... Read the Post
Some of our favorite weddings are the DIY backyard weddings where brides and grooms put their heart and soul into their big day. These weddings often include family heirlooms, homemade decor and close friends and family. The wedding featured below was no exception. We got to head out to rural Dade City to the bride's family's property, complete with cows and chickens (which Sadie immediately fell in love with!). The father of the bride had built some amazing decorations including these rustic doors for the couple to enter through and barrels all over. They chose a beautiful oak tree to get married under, and it was right next to the parent ... Read the Post
This year has been incredible for us, we've met couples who were perfect for us and our style and this couple was perhaps the pinnacle of the year. When they contacted us and asked to do their engagement session at this small, off the road park, we obviously agreed. Sadie and I love exploring and looking around. I usually check out the land and fantasize about how the native people used the local resources and what resources are natural and what ones are man-made while Sadie wanders around looking for cool-looking insects or interesting fossils or plants. We were excited to explore this little, seemingly empty, park with the couple. Once w ... Read the Post
We didn't have to travel far to get to their church wedding in Cape Coral before heading to Doc Fords for the reception. Doc Fords is a cool restaurant that sits right on the water on San Carlos island by Ft Myers beach. It was the perfect place for this wedding reception and guests could go out on the dock as the sun was setting and after to enjoy the beautiful weather. Read the Post