Wow... last week was insane. While in Florida, we shot a wedding, a large event, several portrait sessions, several films with Kyle Scharf Photography and spent time with Sadie's family. It was non-stop action, TONS of driving and a whole lot of shooting! While massively rewarding, it was also quite exhausting. When we got home Sunday night, we basically passed out and saved our unpacking for Monday. Now that we're back, we want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who we photographed. I got to photograph some very special people this time around, some of my all-time favorite people. There were people we missed out on, and trust me, we rea ... Read the Post
Tonight we have a preview from our most recent wedding. Our Florida weddings are winding down permanently and then we will be focusing on finding some awesome couples in North Carolina to photograph. Look forward to the rest of these photos sometime next year! Read the Post
Naming The Elephant There's a huge elephant in the room with the wedding industry. Nobody wants to talk about it, and we think that's really strange. When it comes to bad weather, it seems everyone wants to hope for the best and plan for the best. In a perfect world, we would too! Who doesn't want a perfectly sunny, warm day to have their wedding? The way we see it, there's little use in ignoring the fact that bad weather can appear any time. Coming from Florida, this was made incredibly apparent on several occasions. We're not trying to scare you, in fact quite the opposite, we want you to not to fear the bad weather but to be ready and abl ... Read the Post
This has been a long time coming. For years we turned away shoots that were were always interested in doing, but had a difficult time fitting it into our business model. Sadie & Kyle photography has always been a wedding photography business primarily and anything else was secondary. However, things have changed. Maybe it was the birth of our nephew and son, or maybe it was the fun we had after giving something new a try. I know for me personally, I was always hesitant to build lasting relationships with families because I knew we would leave the area eventually. When you pick a family photographer, it's important to build a really solid ... Read the Post
We told people when we were leaving that we would have some return dates for portrait sessions. Unfortunately, once we got here things were so hectic, our FL visits so far were very fast and didn't allow time for any portrait sessions. So it's with great excitement we're announcing our first set of return dates for anyone looking for a portrait session! December 4th - 10th During this week, we will have limited availability for portrait shoots of all kinds. For those looking for holiday shoots, we are offering quick turnaround times. During our trip to FL, we will be culling and editing the portrait shoots so you should get your photos befo ... Read the Post
As USF almuni, I was intrigued when Stephanie approached and asked to shoot her wedding at the Sarasota USF campus. I graduated in 2009 and I've never been a particularly prideful person. I never owned a collection of USF shirts or bumper stickers, but I have a lot of fond memories of that place. During college I made tons of close friends and I miss the times we spent together dearly. Even though I attended USF in Tampa, I knew the satellite campus would somehow still feel like home... Stephanie and Tim were nothing short of amazing. It was apparent how in love they were, and the four of us hit it off immediately. I particularly loved how ... Read the Post
Moving to the Charlotte area has taken a bit of adjustment for us so far. Sadie and I are really happy to be out of Florida, but there are some things to get used to here. For one, Charlotte is a much larger area than we're accustomed to. There are tons of communities and micro communities around us and it seems like everyone has things to do. This wasn't necessarily the case back in FL. Relocating the business has been interesting as well because for the first time in years, we're trying to build a business in a completely foreign place. We're moving into other photographer's territory and trying to maintain our style and find our place here ... Read the Post
Huntersville Senior Portrait Photographer Sadie & Kyle are Huntersville senior portrait photographer in our new home in NC, I wanted to get these posted. One of the last shoots we did before leaving FL was a "destination" senior portrait session. Cydney and her cousin, Olivia, were visiting Florida and wanted to do their senior portraits on Venice beach. (We'll post Olivia's photos later). Cydney is a dancer, which resonated with me well from my experience shooting theater and dance at USF. We haven't had senior portraits on our website because in FL, we didn't shoot many. Port Charlotte simply lacked many young people. However now we ar ... Read the Post