Charlotte Wedding Photographer

I have been a photographer since the summer of 2005 when I began as a photojournalist for a local newspaper. During the first 6 years of my career I covered news, sports, events, and more. I began shooting weddings in 2007 when I shot my first wedding on a  sunny FL beach.

My favorite thing about photography is the ability to freeze a moment in time. For better or worse, history can be preserved. It’s what drove me to journalism and eventually to weddings. My style has heavy influences from my photojournalism background and training, but also the discipline required to make portraits. My degree in anthropology has provided me an ability to see people objectively when shooting portraits. While I prefer candid portraits, it’s difficult to shoot wedding portraits without some direction. I try to work with my couples and let them shine, while providing direction if needed.

A perfect match for me is a laid back, creative couple. I love collaborating to create something unique and I cherish feedback from the couple during the planning process. Let’s work together to make something timeless!


Only a few years after beginning to shoot weddings regularly, my future wife joined me. Sadie and I shot weddings together all over the eastern US for about 5 years. In 2015 we had our first child and later in 2017 the burden of a growing family made wedding photography a difficult endeavor for us both. We talked about all our different options and eventually decided that since I wasn’t ready to hang up my gear yet, Sadie could take a support role in the wedding photography business. Now she handles most of our album design and creative behind-the-scenes work. I decided to keep the Sadie & Kyle domain name because it still feels like a husband and wife business to me, though I shoot most weddings solo now.