If there's one constant in life... it's change. We're Slowing Things Down This past year has ushered in huge changes for Sadie and I. Not only did we start a family (actually a year and a half ago), but we upended our entire lives to chase our dreams. We moved out of Florida and near the mountains of North Carolina. It's something we longed to do for our entire relationship. Though the destination changed, our hearts were set on getting out of our home state and experiencing something new. After 6 years of shooting together, we decided to put Sadie & Kyle on an indefinite hiatus. I will continue shooting weddings and assignments, but ... Read the Post
Sometimes after I shoot a wedding and leave, I have a feeling of euphoria. It's like I never want to do anything else. There's a "perfect storm" of having an awesome couple, laid back wedding party, serendipitous venue, and all the pieces just fall in line. Meghan and Darren's wedding was my perfect wedding. Not only were they a truly incredible couple, everything about their wedding was a dream. Cypress M ranch is a small private ranch in Punta Gorda. I hadn't ever heard of it because when I shot this wedding, the venue had just recently opened up. They had a great barn style reception area and an open, sprawling lawn for the ceremony. Th ... Read the Post